My Art

This is the first thing I made.  I started Jan 2011

This is the second painting.  Jan 2011

This one was for my parents.

This is a video of something I made.  I saw this in my mind's eye.  Little did I realize it was going to be bigger than I thought!

This one has a little bird on it.  It was posted on

These 2 went to a friend overseas.  2/2011

 This was requested by a friend.  2/2011

This was an advent calendar that I made and my mom wanted me to make 3 more!
I made these with Gerber baby food lids!  2/2011

These 3 were created in February 2011.  All in 2 days.

These 3 girls are from a "She Art" class I took online with Christy Tomlinson.  3/2011

I made this for a friend after taking the "She Art" class. 3/2011