Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wild @ Heart

Why am I drawn to movies?

 My emotions swing back and forth.  Either I'm hooked on that OR .... somewhere deep inside I'm 'wild at heart'.  I prefer the latter.

God is the perfect story-teller.  He made us with imagination.  Why?
If we didn't have imagination, we would still be wearing loin cloths and sleeping under the trees.

He created.  AND He used His imagination.  (Look at everything around us!  We couldn't even see the vastness of stars until the mid 1900s.)

Storytelling is using our imagination.  Maybe that's why telling stories has always been a money maker.  Books, radio, tv, gossip, magazines, facebook, etc.  The bigger they are....

Sometimes those stories create jobs.  Police force (they love mysteries), militia (they are on the look-out for the bad guy), judges and lawyers (who is the BIGGEST storyteller?), media-especially the news, and LIBRARIES.

But mostly, these stories create holes.  In us.  I see my deficiencies.  I get sad and unsatisfied with my life.  I don't live like 'that'.  I think 'that' is normal and I am not.  My reality is cleaning my house and taking care of my family.  I have nothing here as 'exciting' as what happens on the screen.

I have to remind myself that every part of that movie is scripted.  There isn't a single person on the face of the earth who can do ALL of that.  Why aren't they tired?  They don't get out of breath.  They don't have to take a potty break or drink water in the middle of the scene.

It isn't REAL.

But I'm still 'wild at heart'.  =D

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