Thursday, April 21, 2011

If we confess....

I'm on week 3 of the Soul Restoration class.  It's good.  But there's one element that's missing.  It's a rather big element, I think.  It's God.  So far, and I'm not very far in, it really talks about YOU and, well, you.  Last week was about God but really, not enough.  At least for me.

I thought, maybe I just need to feel the whole thing out.  But I'm really getting bummed out.  So yesterday, I just had to tell God how wonderful he was and just that sentence alone made me feel much better.  How much better?  WELL...Let's just say that I have crept into my old bad habits: too many movies, not eating well/not eating enough, and as every person does when they aren't proud of what they do, HIDE.

No, I am not perky all the time.  No, I'm not perfect.  I do have my down side and this is it.  (If I had chocolate in the house I'd be stuffing it in my face, but it's all gone.)  The worst part is the spiral downward.  One thought leads to another know.  Shame. Guilt.  HIDING.

I am SO glad God gave me great revelation just before this hit.  It's something I can hold onto in the midst of the stuff I'm going through.  (It was the dept of Love the Father has toward his Son and vise versa.  So much so that they wanted to share it.  Then when the Father asked the Son to bear our sins, out of Love he said YES.  The Love is THAT deep.  It's not something we will understand, nor grasp.  Even when we get to heaven we still won't be able to fully grasp Love.  Why?  Because the only one who can fully grasp the meaning is the Bearer.  God is Love.  We are not.  But ANY dose he decides to give me, I'll take with open arms.  BECAUSE IT IS GOOD.  And we don't even know what GOOD means!  It means pure, with no strings attached.  Isn't that awesome?!?  We haven't met this standard!  We are ALL "indian givers" (No racism intended.  I'm just using the term.)

Here's the picture I did yesterday.  The only rights I have to it is the placement of things.  That's the only "art" I did.  So I guess you could call it a collage.  This is per my dad's request.

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