Tuesday, April 5, 2011

glory and healing

This week is the first week in more than 9 weeks that we have taken a week of of school.  Why?  Because the kids are done with their first semester.  Why so late, you ask?  Because we started out with a different curriculum and didn't like it.  So we started another one, 3 months into the year.  So.  Today is Tuesday and I loved that yesterday was REALLY long.  Plus, Grandma has one of the kids while we spend quality time with this one and then switch in the middle of the week.  We did a bunch of stuff together.  Paint nails, get a slurpee, go shopping.  She also got a letter from her pen pal yesterday.  To top it all of, a tooth came out out last night.  She's all smiles from ear to ear.

Today we had a family breakfast date at Denny's.  Then hang out with friends from church at Peter Piper Pizza.  As for the rest of the day?  Who knows.

I need this just as much as they do.

So, I'm starting an art/healing class today.  It's from the Brave Girls Club.  I don't know how much time I will be on this blog during that time.  I may be here a ton, telling you what I'm learning.  OR I might lay low.  My guess is I'll be laying low.

God, right now, is really having me camp on "glory".  Here's the definition:


n. pl. glo·ries
1. Great honor, praise, or distinction accorded by common consent; renown.
2. Something conferring honor or renown.
3. A highly praiseworthy asset: Your wit is your crowning glory.
4. Adoration, praise, and thanksgiving offered in worship.
5. Majestic beauty and splendor; resplendence: The sun set in a blaze of glory.
6. The splendor and bliss of heaven; perfect happiness.
7. A height of achievement, enjoyment, or prosperity: ancient Rome in its greatest glory.
8. A halo, nimbus, or aureole. Also called gloriole.
intr.v. glo·ried, glo·ry·ing, glo·ries To rejoice triumphantly; exult:

I have looked up in my bible concordance the word "glory".  In Exodus it talks about "awesome in glory" in Moses' and Miriam's song.  So good.  The next entry talks about Moses seeing God's glory, meaning the back of Jesus.  After reading these, I just cried and cried.  Why?  I don't know.  Worst part was, by the time I finished crying, I looked at the clock and realized I had to be at church in 15 minutes and I wasn't even out of bed yet.  (This was Sunday, by the way.)   The worship there was good, the 3rd song was "I Exalt Thee".  All I could do was bow.  I couldn't even sing the song, I was crying so hard.  Why?  Again, I don't know.  And I was/am perfect OK with that.

I used to worry what people thought of me in church.  I thought, "If I went up, they'd know I need help."  Well, dog-gone-it, if we didn't need help,WHY ON EARTH ARE WE AT CHURCH?  We need God all the time!  And we need people!  Now, we ain't perfect.  But we still need each other. There's something to that.  Add a little Need with a lot of Forgiveness and an even larger amount of God and Grace and you got yourself a Kingdom Of Heaven.  What could be lovelier?

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