Thursday, November 3, 2011


I woke up this morning and just wanted to hide in bed.  Why?  I had to really ask myself.  I knew this old feeling.  It's similar to depression and it's best friend is self-pity.

I'm about to embark on a journey that I've sorta been on before-art business.

Two + years ago, I got involved in one of those businesses where you have to create your 'downline' and meet quotas.  It was stressful for me. My 'job' lasted a year and a half and I felt like a loser.  AND I used the family funds, thinking this would make money, and it didn't.  Thankfully, we were fine.
I'm just afraid it's gonna happen again.  I'm gonna stress out about all the things I have to do, things I have to know...

As I gave all this to God, I heard Him loud and clear, "you have to do this."  Peace came. He said it with the intent to help others, not for my benefit.  (Of course I benefit too:))
This is going to be hard because I'm walking out in courage in opposition to my fears.  (Big, scary world. Little tiny me.)

Way to go, Me!

Jesus, I need your help to battle the feelings of hiding/escaping thru sleeping, many hours of computer usage, rented/borrowed movies, etc.  Fill me with your love, peace, hope and joy to continue on to the calling you put in my heart: healing hearts thru art. Amen

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