Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I just moved my art bookcase, 2 days ago, to the very unused family room.  I did it while my husband was at our church's men's retreat.  I knew I could do it on my own (sort of).  How hard could it be taking all the stuff out, dragginng it about 20 feet and reorganizing it?  I was feeling pretty good.

Now. Now, my back hurts.  I'm walking around all stiff.  I put heat on it this afternoon.  My family thinks I'm sick.  I smile.  Lovin' the love. :)  Then I tell them that it's my back and then I hear "You're old!"  Quickly, the love leaves the room.  (Tears)

Ah well, it can't be helped.  At least I'm getting a bigger art room out of it.

Still working on making it mine.  I haven't come up with any decoration 'ah-ha' moments.  But they will come.  They always do.  :)

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