Thursday, February 16, 2012


i'm in a process of moving.  i just know it. it's not a big thing like moving out of your house or business.  it's a small thing.  yet, it is also a big thing.  it's physically small but it is spiritually HUGE.  funny how death and dying is such a part of living and moving on.

i'm in the process of finally putting to rest a dying friendship and finding another to put in it's place.  this is very hard because it's a HUGE part of me that has such an impact not only on me but on everyone around me.  EVERYONE.  so i need to be concerned about which relationship will fit in this hole that is growing.

the hardest part is waiting for the funeral.  the hardest part is mourning.  the hardest part is not being able to move on and having permission to find that next healthy relationship.  the hardest part is waiting. waiting.

i cry and i pray.  i hope some day that all will be mended.


Dan said...

I'm right here with you babe! Love ya.

mimja said...

Mourning is deep and difficult but happiness sneaks in and it will find you!