Monday, October 3, 2011

Art and Courageous

I made some progress in my She Art book.  I altered a large "romance novel" to make art.  It's cheaper than buying those art journals as craft stores.  Wanna see?

These were actually in an old art journal I've been working in for years.  I just decided to put them all in the same place, considering it's a She Art book and these are shes!

Here's more.
THIS is a house I'm actually making for an idea in Brave Girls' Club Soul Restoration class.  Melody talks about your house and how you need to clean it out and sometimes there are people in your house that need to be out of your house because they are harmful.  I am making a model of that idea.  Because I need to 'physically' be able to do that as well as conceptually.  
And it's in it's yard with a picket fence.  And  a street.  I'm still working on the stripes and I'm going to put something on the other side of the street, you'll see it.  I'm just waiting for the 'ah-ha' moments.  Those are the the best. They make the best ideas.

These are my ideas inspired by Julie Nutting.  She put out a book called Collage Culture.  Totally fun!

My family saw the movie Courageous yesterday.  It's an awesome movie about men standing up and being dads/fathers/leaders.  My husband is so inspired by it and the book Resolutions for Men, he's actually taking initiative in his life in the area of relationships.

I have this thought in my head, and I'm gonna make art out of it.  Just 2 words.  "Be intentional"  What that looks like right now, I don't know.  But it's in there and it will have a look all it's own when it is birthed.

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