Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sequoias Part 3

I really wanted to send this video out, but for some reason, my video player won't play the sound.  My husband found out it doesn't transfer online, so I'm gonna go ahead and post this.  I want you to see my fear of heights in action, verbally.  Don't worry, it's not bad or scary.  Looking back on it, it's a hoot!  I just laughed and laughed.  Sorry for all the rear end shots.  My hubby was taking the shots and he was in the back.
So, there WAS more!  We were only 1/2 way there.  Oh, the agony!  (^o^)  So "I was feeling it in my scaredness." I was even crawling and making vows of not doing this again.  But in the end, I had fun.  You can see how far down it is, based on the view going down.  But take what you saw there and add the same amount going up!  Then add the elevation level (7000 ft.)/lower oxygen levels and you got yourself a workout on a 400 step staircase.

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