Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Art Journaling, Dinner with Friends

I found a book at the library on art journaling.  For years I've been journaling on lined paper.  I just finished my journal so I went out and bought one without lines.  NO BOUNDARIES.  What will come out?  Hmmmm.  I'm thinking some colors, swirly lines of text, lots of faces, photos...

Having friends over for dinner is fun.  It's gets you to clean your house, for one.  And  you laugh more than you usually do around the family you're with all the time.  I had forgotten what fun it is to be with others.  We used to have people over weekly.  We call it home group.  It's kinda like "mid-week church".  But we got too big, around 30-35 people.  So we split up into 3 groups.  We'd hang out at other people's homes.  But there's something about having it at yours.  (You don't have to drive home and put kids to bed!)

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