Tuesday, March 22, 2011

more of Jesus

A guy at our church (part of the apostolic counsel) is teaching Sunday School.  He had a 'small' side note regarding pre-destination.  If you know deep stuff of Christianity, pre-destination gets thrust into theological debates ALL the time.  I hate talking about it because it's just means for a fight. 

Anyway, he gave us his viewpoint and I, for one, think it's great!  Wanna know what it is? 

1.God is love.

2. Man is made in God's image.  (This does not mean Man is Love because that means that Man is God.  It just means he Looks like God.)

3.  God made man so that He could love him.  And wants us to love Him back.

4.  God gave man free will.

5.  God predestined (before time) mankind to live with Him in heaven.

6.  God still gives man, on an individual basis, the choice to accept or reject Him. 

You see, it is His Perfect Will that every human on the face of earth throughout time to be with Him in heaven.  BUT  He gives us the choice. 

He has knocked on every door.  In Revelation it says He knocks on the door, if the door opens, He will come in.  He has knocked on every door, in some way or fashion. 

If you have loved ones who still aren't saved yet, or you want a deeper relationship with your Creator, pray

"Jesus, I want to know YOU.  (I want ______to know You.)  You know me better than I know myself.  You created me."  And just tell Him what's going on in your life.  Yes, He already knows, but eavesdropping doesn't make it a relationship.  It has to come out of your mouth.  (Plus, you feel better when you get it out in the open, whatever it is-happy or sad.)  If you get emotional doing it, that's ok.  Let it happen.  If you feel numb, find out why.  If it feels weird, that's ok, too.  Just keep doing it.  You will find freedom in doing this.  It will happen.

P.S. By no means, is this polished.  This is very raw and coming from my heart.

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