Tuesday, February 8, 2011

another "Leap" forward

in my head, i've had an image for the last several weeks.  it's an image of me painting on a large canvas, say 3 feet by 4 feet, with black paint using my fingers.  in essence-finger painting.  i've dismissed the thought so many times until i read in kelly rae robert's e-book, "do what the inner voice is telling you to do".  i just recently bought large bottles of acrylic paint in primary colors and then my husband, dan, tells me he has large cubicle panels just waiting to be thrown out and i could use them.

about 5 p.m. last night, i just decided to do it.  so!  with the music that a friend sent me in the mail (thanx for the inspiration!), i set it all up in the garage and it took me only half an hour to do!  i gotta say, it's not at all what i thought it would be.  i was honestly expecting to have enough black to cover the whole thing and then write in white pen my fears/lies and then in gold pen write the truth from God.  as you will see, it's not what happened!  and it's OK.  because it's what God wanted to say in the first place.  so my plan now is to tack on post-it notes of my fears/lies and add God's response instead of writing it on the wall.  when we were eating dinner, the song 'voice of truth' by casting crowns came to mind and i thought it would be a good addition to it.  lo, and behold it totally works and you can see it all right here---sped up of course.

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