Thursday, February 17, 2011

what i've been up to

9 x12 canvas panel.  This one went to my parents.

a friend requested this one for herself.

I would consider this one an original.  9 x 12 also given to a friend.

this is a little 3 x 3 magnet.  it's fuzzy 'cuz i used my camera phone

this one was inspired by someone online.  i don't know who the original painter is.

this is my second painting.  inspired by kelly rae roberts.

this is another original. given to another friend.
so i am having fun making all kinds of things.  i found a book written by kelly rae roberts at Michaels called "taking flight".  i am still finding out who i am.  i am celebrating my beginnings.  i love LOVE where i am!  something's awake on the inside and i feel joy.

i have gone down the artistic road for a long time.  i have done the jewelry thing.  it lasted a year.  i did Uppercase Living.  very fun but i couldn't meet my quota (which is what they all want, right?)  i painted my nails.  i have pictures of those too.  here's one. again, fuzzy from my camera phone.

 i did some scrapbooking but i'm not into spending $5 per page making 1 or 2 pictures look good!  i LOVE words.  I try to read every t-shirt that has something on it. 

here's my dream, i think.  i want to put my stuff on t-shirts and handbags.  whatever 'my' means.  i'm still not sure who i am in this process.  i'm only 2 months in.  great thing is, this is much cheaper than jewelry and Uppercase Living and buying nail polish remover!  and so much more creative!

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