Tuesday, February 22, 2011

back again

back in L.A. again.  hubby had more work.  good thing is, the whole family is here.  if you don't know about candlewood suites, it's a great place.  you get a kitchen and a work station. it's like home away from home. 

i've been spending my time here at the "hotel" looking through and highlighting kelly rae roberts' e-book "Flying Lessons".  it's about starting your own creative business.  there's a lot of information in there, about 200 pages and i'm on 65.  (see link on the right side.)  at this point it's talking about having an online presence.  i've never done anything like this before.  blogging is new, having a website is new, having a "fan" page on facebook is new.  but here i am.  yes, i am afraid.  i don't like things getting 'bigger than me' but then i gotta face my fear sometime, right?

i've been told that God has big plans for me and my family.  i KNOW i have a creative streak.  just yesterday, i was at Goodwill and found some skirts and purses with COLOR.  i've always felt safe with brown and black.  they go with everything!  well, i found some of the cutest things that went with some shoes that i bought at the DAV thrift store.  ( I LOVE THRIFT STORES)  i went crazy!  i only bought 5 skirts and 4 bags.  1 purse had my daughter's name on it so i bought it for her.  another was a huge 'beach' bag or grocery bag.  the other 2 were purses for me.  anyway, i can't wait for it to warm up enough so i can wear them.  and by 'warm up' i mean 70 degrees-ish.  i'll get some pictures up next week.

anyway, to go along with that creativeness i spotted something so cute! this is an apron that i can't wait to make and this is a handbag i want to put my stuff on, like paint on it.  what do you think?  i'm loving this stuff.....

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