Monday, February 7, 2011

finding God in the small things

i can't say that i'm discovering myself.  but i can say that i'm discovering God and how he works.  I grew up with a lot of good things in my life.  but i never really saw them, or at least i didn't see good.  i would find the negative in everything because it wasn't perfect-to my standards.  yet i don't think i really knew my standards.  i just wasn't happy.  which is crazy because i had people around that loved me and provided for me.  so this blog is really about looking at the good things.  these are things that have been there but i just didn't notice them because of the "dark veil" that i've been shrouded in.  a lie.  it's a little lie.  small. short.  but in the whole scheme of things, it's affected my whole life.  so now, i'm making an 'effort' or rather, allowing God to show me, that there have been good things around me and there are good things around me now.  in the Bible, david was a shepherd who was surrounded by sheep and his music and good things.  he saw it.  he saw it for what it was and he praised God for those things.  he found that in those small, good things, his God was his protector, his creator, his healer, etc.  i want to be like that too.  so i say, Yes Lord.  he's calling my name.  and he's calling yours too.

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