Wednesday, February 16, 2011


i sat down to work on some art yesterday. i got 2 done and working on a third, but i won't finish it.  problem is, it's not me.  i've been copying kelly rae roberts for the past 2 months.  that's not a bad thing.  i've been reading kelly rae's stuff and she basically tells it like this "you gotta start somewhere".  i liked her art and began there.

see, i LOVE words.  especially ones that inspire and fill you up.  which is why i love the Bible.  isaiah 62 is a great chapter.  so i'm resting in it right now.  i want to paint something from it.  and the best thing is the bible isn't copyrighted!  Jesus loves that i can quote from him any time. 

so now i'm waiting for inspiration.  i won't be 'digging' into myself because that's not Jesus.  my self is selfish. and shallow.  i want something deep.  and the best thing is, Jesus wants me to wait for him too!  i love Him.  i wonder what he's going to say.

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